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Commercial Lifts

Our commercial lifts are extremely durable and reliable. Octagon Lifts offers a variety of solutions, from as low as 320kg to a massive load rating of 20,000kg. Our flexible product design and manufacturing process result in lifts that can be customised according to any building requirement.

We offer safety, comfort and aesthetics in the transportation of passengers, goods and vehicles.

Keep your business moving with our different lifts and elevators:

  • Passenger lifts:Get your business moving again. Octagon Lifts has a wide selection of hydraulic and electric passenger lifts to suit all your needs.
  • Vehicle lifts: From sedans to commercial trucks Octagon has a solution to transport your vehicle between different levels
  • Dumbwaiters:Octagon Lifts has affordable quality dumbwaiters that fulfill the needs of any business, from factories to medical facilities and hotels.
  • Goods hoists:Need to move your product in your property fast? Octagon Lifts has goods hoists that work well in any industrial area or storage facility.
  • Platform lifts:We have a high quality, safe solution for less-abled access in your business with our wheelchair, stair and platform lifts.
  • Low-rise platform lifts:Contact us about our low-rise platform lifts, made with European quality for local access needs. Octagon Lifts offers quality service and expertise for wheelchair access and other mobility needs.

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