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Commercial Passenger Lifts

As a commercial property owner, whether you oversee a shopping centre, hotel or retail outlet, you deserve to have peace of mind when it comes to moving people and cargo vertically.

You’ll want to choose an excellent elevator or lift that delivers automatic safety features, controllable speed settings and modernised lift components that comply with Australian and European design standards.

Octagon Lifts has a range of environmentally friendly and efficient lifts that will suit any business or industrial venture, combining style and function in one package.

Hydraulic Commercial Lifts

For state-of-the-art features with a reliable design, we recommend our hydraulic elevators. Besides being more environmentally friendly, hydraulic lifts are ideal for any building with limited headroom. These lifts are rated to carry any load from 450 kgs to 1,000 kgs.

Our hydraulic lifts come with optimal features, including:

  • Low-energy LED lighting
  • An energy-saving ‘standby’ mode
  • Biodegradable hydraulic oil
  • Automatic emergency evacuation.

Enjoy a completely smooth and noiseless ride with our electronic valve technology. Octagon Lifts improves on a classic hydraulic design with high-class finishes and details.

Electric Commercial Lifts

We have an extensive range of electric elevators, designed and equipped with the latest technology to deliver quality and functionality for every commercial interest. Capable of carrying numerous people and large volumes of cargo, these lifts integrate seamlessly with any building’s architecture.

Besides aesthetic features and excellent communication standards, our electric lifts carry high-class design features like:

  • Accurate leveling monitors
  • Energy-saving digital displays and rest modes
  • A photoelectric curtain that keeps doors open until everyone is inside
  • Automatic emergency evacuation.

Electric passenger lifts are built to both Australian standards and European safety ratings, ensuring a smooth ride and low maintenance requirements for a business of any size.

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