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Platform lifts

In Octagon Lifts' production and development of platform lifts, design, function and safety come together seamlessly.

Our lifts are on the leading edge of platform lift technology and offer style, quality and safety features which would enhance any environment including public buildings, commercial shops or private homes.

Some of the many reasons to choose an Octagon platform lift include:

  • No separate shaft, lift pit or machine room required
  • No extensive builders work needed
  • Easy to operate and highly reliable
  • Low installation and maintenance costs.

The lifts require very little construction; all that is required is a floor area and cut-out through each floor.

Black powder coat painted lift shaft, glass fronted doors, aluminium or birch panelling – your imagination's the only limit! A wide selection of surface finishes, colours and accessories ensure blending of the lift design with the architecture and general interior. Options include school locking systems, smartcard locking systems, voice announcer and an autodial phone.

All lifts are available with several door entry configurations and the control panel is fitted with large push buttons, emergency lighting, stop and alarm buttons.

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