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Octagon Lifts offers a full-service maintenance package to support residential and commercial property owners in Perth. Our installation and lift technicians, along with our maintenance engineers, are trained and certified to inspect, safeguard and repair a comprehensive suite of mobility solutions like passenger lifts, dumbwaiters, high-rise lifts and escalators.

We are a privately owned company with a dedicated focus on providing an exceptional level of customer service. The team at Octagon is responsive, reliable and experienced in the specialised field of “moving” solutions. We are a local company with international support, and we deal directly with agents.

Regular Service Plan

Real estate agents, property managers, restaurants, shopping centre management and commercial operators appreciate the Octagon approach to ensuring that we will keep your lifts and escalators operating as expected and to safety standards.

We schedule and complete all maintenance jobs each month.

With a scheduled maintenance program clients are guaranteed:

  • 24 hour same day service
  • 24 hour maintenance
  • Emergency services call-out
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Qualified and trained maintenance technicians and engineers
  • International support

Octagon Lifts is a partner with renowned companies in the elevator industry, including BKG Bunse-Aufzüge GmbH, Cibes Lift, Kleemann and Pandect Mobility Solutions.

With our knowledge, expertise and maintenance certifications, we can provide a regular service call out that potentially eliminates costly replacements and out-of-order inconvenience.

For immediate assistance contact us today.

Why us

  • 24/7 service
  • In-depth knowledge base
  • 12-month guaranteed maintenance period
  • Member of Master Builders Association