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Residential Lifts

There is a wide variety of lifts on the market and it is often difficult to make the right choice to suit one's individual needs.

Octagon will discuss your requirements in-depth and always offer the best and most practical solution.

Octagon Lifts represents several European companies, delivering the finest brands and a series of quality lifts and elevators for apartment blocks and other local residential centres.

From low-rise platforms to wheelchair and stair lifts, we offer a large range of products that will suit your mobility needs.

Our residential range consists of:

  • Passenger lifts: Whether you live in a high-rise or low-rise residence we have the people-moving solution. Octagon delivers high quality, European hydraulic & electric passenger lifts.
  • Dumbwaiters: For easy access and service, Octagon supplies modern dumbwaiters for multi-level residences with a variety of configurations.‚Äč
  • Platform lifts: Octagon Lifts has a range of options for platform lifts suitable for every requirement.

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If you’re unsure of which options will meet the needs and concerns of your residents, please contact us and talk to one of our experts for more information and a free quote.

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