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Residential dumbwaiters

For smaller items, a dumbwaiter (service lift) offers your home style and convenience. Octagon's high quality BKG dumbwaiters make it very easy to transport goods such as groceries, laundry or other heavy items. Our aesthetically pleasing, noiseless design sets it apart from the rest on the market.

We can customise our dumbwaiters on request for both residential and commercial applications. We also have a small range in stock which can be installed easily and quickly by our expert team of installers.

Our European-designed dumbwaiters are manufactured to the highest standards using top quality materials and components making them one of the most reliable service lifts in the industry.

The smooth movement of the car makes transporting drinks from one level to another easy – without spilling a drop!

Our service lifts have been installed in every state and territory in Australia including several boats to Lloyds classification and military vessels.

Lift with hinged doors at floor level

Loading at one side / opposite sides / adjacent sides
Single hinged or double hinged

Lift machine positioned:
(a) Above the shaft
(b) At bottom beside to the shaft
Capacity: 100kg - 300kg (in between capacities catered for)

Lifting speed:
v = 0.15, 0.2,0.25 or 0.3 m/s

Lift with vertical bi-parting doors at floor level

Loading at one side / opposite sides
Lift machine positioned:
(a) Above the shaftz
Capacity: 100 or 300 kg

Lifting speed:
v = 0.2 or 0.3 m/s

Lift with loading at one side / opposite / adjacent sides

Lift machine positioned:
(a) Above the shaft
(b) Below the shaft
(c) Adjacent to the shaft
Capacity: 50kg - 300kg

Lifting speed:
v = 0.2, 0.25, 0.3 or 0.45 m/s

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